• Jewel Loans • Surety Loans • Vehicle Loans • Housing Loans
• House Repairs Loans • Business/Mortgage Loans

* Sanction of loans within specified time limit and without any undue delay. Repayments in easy EMIs.

Interest rates for loans

Jewel loans Rate of Interest
Gold Loan 11%
Only Rs.9/- intrest per one month for Rs.1,000/-
Gold Loan upto Rs.4,000/- per one gram

Personal loans Rate of Interest
For A class members
Loan upto Rs.50,000/-15%
Above Rs.50,000/-16%
For other members
Loan upto Rs.50,000/-16%
Loans above Rs.50,000/- upto Rs.1,00,000/-
with regular income/Salary credited to SB a/c.

Vehicle loans Rate of Interest
2 wheeler vehicle loans13% - repayable in maximum 2 years
2nd hand Vehicle, 2 wheeler, Auto, Taxi Less than 5 years old.13% - repayable in maximum 2 years

Loan for 4 Wheelers Rate of Interest
Members having regular salary income and salary being
credited into their SB a/c
10.50% - repayable in maximum 5 years
With salary slip, without credit to SB a/c11.50% - repayable in 5 years
Heavy vehicles (Bus, Truck, JCB etc)
with Collateral security of property
12.50% - repayable in maximum 7 years
Loan for Taxi & Three wheeler15% - repayable in 5 years

Housing loan Rate of Interest
Only for construction of house (secured by mortgage of house property)11.50% - repayable in maximum 15 years

Business loan Rate of Interest
Loan upto 1 lac – with copy of RTC16% - repayable in 2 years
Loan upto 10 lacs – with property as collateral security13% - repayable in maximum 7 years
Loan above 10 lacs – with property as collateral securit14% - repayable in maximum 7 years

Education loan Rate of Interest
Professional courses/higher studies Abroad (tuition fees and other admissible
fees time, with collateral security of landed property)
12% - repayable 1 year after completion of course or
getting a job, whichever is earlier.

Govt. Security loans Rate of Interest
Loans against pledge of NSC, LIC (on Surrender value)14% - repayable in 2 years
Loan against Fixed Deposit/ RD Loan on Deposits held with Sangha2% above the rate offered to deposit
Other loan with mortgage of property Short term loan for marriage of children,
house repair, medical expenses etc.
14% - repayable in 5 to 7 years