Rate of interest on Deposits

Plan Rate of Interest
Savings Bank account3%
Pigmy account3%
Recurring Deposit account8%


• RS. 1000.00 WILL BECOME RS.1098.00 AFTER 12 MONTHS
• RS. 1000.00 WILL BECOME RS.1207.00 AFTER 24 MONTHS

Keeping your valuable savings in Shree Subrahmanya Sahakara Sangha will definitely enhance your happiness and relieves your tension forever. Our Cash certificates are highly valued as they bring you good value for your money. You can invest in multiples of Rs.1000/- for 12 months or 24 months.


Term Rate of Interest
45 to 90 days5%
91 days to 180 days6%
181 days to 3 years8%
Above 3 years9%
*Special Rate: Additional interest of 0.50%, for senior citizensDeposits above 3 year


As loving parents, you are always concerned with the future of your child. The child’s future requires you to plan meticulously for their education which is the primary concern of every parent. With education costs that are becoming really prohibitive, one needs to plan with utmost care to save and secure the education needs.

We understand your concerns and provide you the safe and simple solution. We call it Vidyanidhi Yojana…a true gift from you to your child…through us.

Beginning with the birth of the child, till next 10 years, you only invest Rs.1150/- …and then your investment closes. Your money grows in the next 8 years and gives you attractive returns. A wonderful gift to your child on attaining the age of 18 years.

For next 5 years after attaining 18 years, your child gets Rs.1,00,000/- lacs… Per year (for 5 years) ...a mega gift to your child’s education.

To help you to meet your children education expenses.

The following are the inputs for Deposits

One or more than one account can be opened by a person/s. Once he becomes a member of the Sangha, by submitting KYC documents like Aadhar, PAN details etc., subject to rules and regulations decided by the Board of Directors of Shree Subrahmanya Sahakara Sangha, from time to time.
The following can open accounts:
a. An Individual who has attained 18 years of age, submitting his/her KYC credentials can become a member of the Sahngha
b. A member in his/her name can open all types of account
c. More than one person in their joint names payable to all of them jointly or anyone or more of them or Survivor/s.
d. A HUF, a partnership firm, proprietary concern, Charitable institution/Trust, a company or Association etc.

a. The deposit will earn interest at the rate fixed by the Sangha from time to time depending upon the period of the deposit.
b. Interest compounded quarterly shall be payable on maturity date along with the principal amount (aggregate of installments) paid by the depositor for recurring deposits.
c. Interest monthly/compounded quarterly/ along with maturity will be paid for fixed deposits, as requested by the depositor at the time of opening the account..

a. Minimum deposit for fixed deposit is Rs.1000/-, Maximum no limit
b. For RD, monthly installment of Rs.100/- or exact multiples of Rs.100/- Such amount of monthly installment should not subsequently be changed by the depositor.-
c. For SB account minimum deposit is Rs.100/-
d. For Pigmy account minimum daily remittance will be Rs.100/-

Minimum period of deposit for Fixed Deposits is 45 days and maximum 10 years.
Minimum period of deposit for Recurring Deposit is 12 months and maximum 10 years.
Minimum period of Pigmy acccount is 6 months.

For RD account, Monthly Installment shall be paid on or before the last working day of the month in which the installment is due. If installments are in arrears, penal interest at the rate fixed by the Sangha shall be charged. Fraction of a month shall be treated as a full month for the purpose of calculating such penal interest on belated monthly installments.

For RD account, in the usual course, when all the stipulated installments are paid, the maturity value is payable 30 days after the last installment has become payable and has been paid. No overdue interest is payable, if such amounts remain unclaimed after the due date. Passbook should be surrendered while encashing the account.
Duly discharged deposit receipt should be surrenderd, while encahing the deposit.

For RD account, Depositor will be given a Pass Book showing the particulars of installment paid. The depositor on no account shall write or make any entries in the Pass Book issued by the Sangha. If the depositor looses the Pass Book at any time, on sufficient proof, a duplicate Pass-book will be issued on payment of charges prescribed by the Sangha.
Fixed Deposit receipts will be issued to FD holders. Duplicate deposit received will be issued only on submitting proper indemnity bond, as prescribed by the Sangha.

The deposit/RD can be encashed after surrendering the FD receipt / RD passbook duly discharged (signed) to the branch where the deposit is held, in person. The payment will be made by cash / credit to account / RTGS /NEFT, as per depositors request subject to prevailing rules.

For Fixed Deposits, auto renewal facility is available. However, if the depositor wants change in maturity period, amount, He/She requested to meet the branch official immidiately on maturity.

Shree Subrahmanya Sahakara Sangha Ltd. reserves the right to alter/add/delete the rules and regulations, governing the deposit account, at any time. For this purpose, the Sangha not be required to give a separate notice to each account holder. All announcements of any change in the rules, displayed on the Sangha’s notice board or published in the Press/ Sangha’s web-site shall be deemed to be sufficient notice to all account holders.